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N°: 500000

The boxes come closed and we do the unpacking. It is difficult to have a list of articles. The buyer customer is invited to visit us in our warehouse for a better purchase decision.
  1. Books
  2. Fashion clothing and accessories (for men, women and children).
  3. Household items (furniture, decoration, kitchen utensils, etc.).
  4. Toys and games.
  5. Tools and home improvements.
  6. Beauty and personal care (makeup, hair products, skin care, etc.).
  7. Products for babies and children (diapers, bottles, clothes, toys, etc.).
  8. Sports and outdoor activities (sportswear, exercise equipment, camping, etc.).
  9. Jewelry and watches.
  10. Health and personal care (supplements, health care products, etc.).
  11. Musical instruments.
  12. Automotive (accessories for cars, spare parts, tools, etc.).
  13. Movies, music and video games
  14. Industrial and scientific products.
  15. Pets (toys, beds, etc.).
  16. Luggage and travel items.
  17. Office supplies and stationery.